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Large format printing

We print in large formats with solvent and Eco-solvent inks.
The printing resolution depends on the design format: we provide small artwork with detailed graphic design in 1440 dpi, while large works are available below 720 dpi.

If you want a long term contract, we provide samples of our prints.
The printing size is virtually unlimited, thanks to the joining of individual panels, whereas single-piece printing (without joints) is limited to a width of 3.2 m.

  • Frontlight: single-sided banners
  • Mesh available in large formats
  • Blockout: robust banners (also available in double-sided versions)
  • Backlight print designs
  • Blue Back Side for billboards
  • Monomer films for printed wrapping of cars and boards (flat surfaces only)
  • One Way Vision films with one-way transparency (for shop windows)
  • Cast films for wrapping of embossed car panels
  • Posters printed on paper
  • Rigid PCV and plexiglass printing: available thickness: 1, 3, 5 and 10 mm
  • Canvas printing
  • Magnet film printing

Banner finish:

Pockets, lacing holes, trimming to size and reinforcing welds



Pickup in person, courier shipping (PLN 20 for max. 30 kg) or delivered by our vehicles


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