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We approach each order on an individual basis and evaluate it by considering a number of factors. Contact us to get the pricing of your project.


We cooperate on a regular basis with ad media suppliers:

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We use printing materials from:

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Our range includes:

  • Banners : frontlights, backlights, blockouts & grid
  • Film  types: monomer, cast, OWV, translucent cal
  • Panels : PVC, plexiglass, PP & Dibond
  • Wrapping of vehicles, boards and shop windows
  • Paper: billboard, poster and photo grades
  • Plotter cutting of lettering with peeling and transfer
  • Ad media: rollups, A-boards, standalone structures & wall-mounted structures
  • Installation of boards & banners in large and small formats
  • Billboard hanging in Poznań and the Wielkopolskie Province
  • Film outline trimming on plotter cutters
  • Board outline trimming on flat surface millers
  • 3D Styrodur  lettering, available in various thickness
  • Advertising panels for light ad installations
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